A picture taken (some 40 years ago) at a ‘Gospel’ Show, in Surrey. Centre stage is the Star of the Show ….

the ever-young-looking…. (bespectacled) Cliff Richard. On this occasion Cliff was ably supported by

a very popular, locally-based, Cabaret/Folk/Gospel trio called ‘The New Countryfolk’.

On the right of the picture (on guitar) is Heather Lee, and Centre-Stage (on Double Bass) is

Wendy Andrews. On the left of the picture (on banjo) is ……. you’ve probably guessed by now ….

a youthful-looking Chris !! Isn’t he thin….and look at all that hair !! Hey-Ho, those were the days !!

And here are a very smiley Chris & Wendy with the (then) Bishop of Guildford

(‘playing’ Heather’s guitar …that’s Heather’s shoulder in the bottom left-hand corner !!)

during a very successful recital at Guildford Cathedral one Easter Monday in the late 60’s

(the pic was in the Daily Mail the next day …… oooOOOooo !!)

Sadly, we lost touch for many years, but then (through the wonders of the internet) we ‘found’ each other

so, here we are again (without Cliff, or a Bishop, this time !), taken at a re-union, in September 2011.

It was the first time we’d actually sung together for many years….and it was amazing !!

Wendy (bass player) on the left, Heather (guitarist) on the right, and me in the middle !!

What a weekend we had … wonderful company, and wonderful music !!

It’s quite incredible that, after so many years, all three of us are still involved in Church music

…….I am even an Authorised (Music) Lay Minister in the Diocese of Ely !!

(the Good Lord works in a mysterious way at times !!) –