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Rated by Showbiz newspaper ‘The Stage’ as one of the Top-10 Vents in the Country !!

Desmond was Chris' original 'partner in crime', but he has now gone into retirement, and handed the 'mantle' over to Charlie who, as well as Cabaret, works exceptionally well with Chris in Walk-About presentations

There is also a third member of the ‘Gang’:

Who has mainly worked with Chris on TV (including: ‘AA’ Advert, ‘Make My Day’, ‘Puppet Love’).

Stan is also available for Corporate work and ‘Mix-and-Mingle’

► Vocals (Chris is a classically-trained singer) and ‘Stand-Up’ Comedy usually included in the Show

Here’s one of his own compositions…..

Sun, Shine

► Also available for specialist TV/Film/Corporate work

Extensive experience in TV, Concert and Cabaret, at ‘Home’ and Overseas (including Cruising).

► Chris has toured numerous times overseas for ‘CSE’ entertaining British troops, including:

Falklands, Ascension, Belize, Gibraltar, Germany, Northern Ireland

So here’s Chris (much slimmer, and with more hair …. when was that ?

Some time ago … has to be !!) in the Mess at Mount Pleasant, on

the Falklands with cans of ‘CSB’ (hey…isn’t that his initials ?!)

and then on-stage in Georgetown, Ascension Island, en-route home from

Christmas with the Troops on the Falklands (apologies for the poor-quality pics)

► Take a look at an excerpt from a TV show where Chris (seemingly) took great delight in chopping Desmond’s head off !!

Saw The Duck’s Head Off

Numerous TV & Radio appearances, both UK & World-Wide, including:

‘The Weakest Link’; ‘Graham Norton Show’; ‘Brainiac’ ; Ch4’s ‘3-minute Wonder’

‘AA’ TV advert (see link below); ‘Casualty’ (featured role as ‘Arthur Brain & Neville’);

‘Barrymore’ (and ‘Barrymore, the best bits’); ‘Make My Day’; ‘TFI Friday’;

‘The Warehouse’; ‘The BIG Breakfast’; ‘Guys ‘n’ Dolls’ (3 series)

and here’s an excerpt from one of the ‘episodes’ of that show…….

Guys ‘n’ Dolls

‘Live Wire’; ‘New Faces’; ‘Look East’; Sky Sport (you’ve got to believe it !); e4; UK Gold;

Silent Witness (only a walk-on part, but I was there !!)

We were all (including Gina !) featured on a series of ‘shorts’ entitled


On Ch4’s ‘3-minute Wonder’ !!!!

And Charlie & Chris appeared on Sky TV’s


We were one of the ‘Shocking Acts’, and our ‘episode’ was originally

broadcast in 2008, and then repeated regularly numerous times since !!

Did you see me (without any of the ‘gang’) on

‘The Weakest Link’

They included all the ‘good’ bits, including a nice bit of ‘business’ I did with Anne, when I ‘ventriloquised’ the ‘immortal’ words and Anne just opened & shut her mouth !! Oh, yes (and just in case you really are interested)

….. I didn’t win (big ‘aaah’ !!), but did get through to the final three !! (We woz robbed missus !!!!)

Here are some genuine quotes from ‘trade’ newspaper The Stage’ …….

“..most polished of all ventriloquists….”

“..a name synonymous with the superior end of the business of Ventriloquism..”

“.. a formidable live act with a reputation built on all-round appeal.”

“.. Great fun from one of the UK’s leading exponents..”

“…a tremendously professional act…not many Vents…he is undoubtedly one of the best.”

“…Highlight of the evening…the experience of Chris shows in every move and word.”

“…that avuncular Vent with the velvety voice…”

“…rich in experience…material is original & saucy…

Indulges in interchanges (with Desmond and Charlie)

which prove his mastery of the voice-throwing art.”

“ … banter with his ‘partners’ is seamless … always good to see an experienced Pro in action.”

“… years of operatic training have bequeathed him the legacies of a magnificent (singing) voice and a

system of breath-control which makes him one of the best ventriloquial technicians in the business.”

► Good-quality PA system

► Pre-mix control system forms part of our on-Stage props

► Either fully self-contained, or through in-house PA

► Able to control all our sound and ‘effects’ from Stage

► Clear, seven-piece Band parts; will always work with ‘live’ musicians whenever appropriate/practicable

The pictures of Chris with his 'gang', were all taken by

Richard Clark: www.richardclarkphotography.co.uk

Here’s an alternative picture which may be of use for publicity purposes