A fascinating, entertaining, and highly-amusing presentation by someone

who has appeared many times

on TV, and is rated by Showbiz newspaper ‘The Stage’ as one of

the Top-10 Ventriloquists in the UK.

Chris shares some amusing anecdotes, sings a couple of songs, and introduces Charlie

explaining the development of his character and voice.

If requested, he also brings ’Stan’, a ’traditional’ doll,

and even shows how he ‘works’ !! All great fun !!

Just as a ‘taster’, here’s Chris singing a popular ballad….

Durham Town

And here are some quotes from letters of thanks,

and reports in WI Federation News…..

♦♦ ‘... we were treated to an evening of laughter and music by Chris Bylett.

He firstly regaled members with memories of his rise in the entertainment

world and reduced them to tears of laughter along the way. Chris has a

beautiful singing voice so his act is punctuated with songs. He is also a brilliant

ventriloquist ………. The abiding memory is of ‘Charlie’ flirting outrageously

with a member of the audience while Chris sang his final song!

An excellent meeting with a highly recommended entertainer.’

♦♦ ‘On a cold March evening we had a visit from ventriloquist Chris Bylett

He started his show with a song, before giving us an entertaining

talk on how he had entered Show Business – telling us of his appearances

on TV, from talent shows to ‘Casualty’ and how he had become one of a fairly

small number of professional ventriloquists. Then we were introduced to the

character who had been hiding in his box …… quite a handful to keep in order,

and a lot of skill needed to keep up the backchat – let alone trying not to let your

mouth move when at such close quarters to your audience!

Chris gave us a warmly entertaining evening on a chilly night.’

♦♦ ‘… Just want to convey the thanks of Eye WI for a truly memorable, fun evening.

We have had so many lovely comments, not only from our own members

but also from the members of the other WI’s attending.

MANY MANY thanks for making our meeting the best we have ever had!’

♦♦ ‘The village hall rocked with laughter ……. It was all due to

Chris Bylett and his hilarious side-kick, Charlie.

He first gave a potted history of his beginnings in Show Business …. he also

told us about his appearances on TV, in the Theatre, and in concert shows.

Then we met Charlie, who had a wonderful rapport with the audience

We cannot give his stories away because there are so many, and also you may wish to book

him yourselves. Chris also does a nice line in conjuring tricks. He is well worth

the fee and we will remember our February meeting for a long time to come.

Laughter really is the best medicine !!’

♦♦ ‘…Just a note to thank you very much for brightening up a

dull February evening …….. I can honestly say you put

on a brilliant show which had everyone in fits of laughter,

and I have heard nothing but excellent feedback…’

♦♦ ‘… Chris Bylett entertained us by explaining why he talks

to himself and gets paid for it ! He introduced us to one of his

ventriloquist dolls, ‘Charlie’, and also entertained us with his brilliant singing.

A speaker we would highly recommend.’

♦♦ ‘…Chris Bylett, an entertainer, singer and ventriloquist,

had us singing along and laughing until our sides hurt….’

♦♦ ‘…members were entertained by ventriloquist Chris Bylett

and his not-so-dumb dummy, ‘Charlie’ .

After explaining a bit about Show Business, Chris and his pal

raised many a laugh with banter between themselves and the audience….’

♦♦ ‘…Thank you for a fabulous evening’s entertainment at our Group meeting.

I have received many ‘thank yous‘ and kind comments

for the evening, which should all really come direct to you.

Well done ….. We will see you again for some magic tricks’

♦♦ ‘…Thank you so much for such an entertaining evening.

The comments I received were extremely favourable.

One group of ladies told me it was ‘the best group meeting ever’!

Others said that the laughter was just what they needed, and bring on some more.

Thank you very much for turning such a freezing evening into a ‘hot cup of cocoa’!!

♦♦ ‘… thank you so much for a very entertaining evening.

Everyone enjoyed your multi-talented performance.

We wish you well in the future and hope to see you again….’

♦♦ ‘... we all had a good laugh …. I will be sure to recommend

you to others, and hope to see you again ….’

And a report in a Village newsletter, following our visit ~

Not quite Christmas Panto, but members, friends, and other visitors

were treated to an evening of gloriously traditional

professional entertainment when Chris Bylett visited us

in October with his ‘friend’ Charlie.

Chris is a superb ventriloquist, raconteur and singer – a joyous evening!’

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