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With over 40 years’ experience as a Pro in ‘the Biz’ Chris is recognised as

one of the most experienced ‘comedy-spesh’ Cabaret acts on the UK circuit.

His amazing rapport with Charlie, and his quick-fire delivery is second to none !!

He is equally ‘at home’ on TV and in Theatres, Hotels, Civic Venues, Clubs, Village Halls … wherever !!.

Always cheeky, but never ‘blue’ his ability to work to any age-group and type of audience make him a highly recommended Artiste.

He is equally popular with his fellow-artistes as with his audience … one of the ‘nice guys’ in the Entertainment Business !!

Chris is a classically-trained singer, and usually includes vocals in his shows. Here’s one of his favourite songs,

which he often includes in the Show……My Best Friend

This is Chris with Charlie ‘in action’. Out of sight, on the side of the stage-box nearest Chris, is a

‘pre-mix’ control system, which allows him to control the PA (either in-house, or our own) from stage.

And now, here’s a pic which you can down-load and use to advertise Chris appearing at your Club/Event/Venue

Click on the pic, and then copy and paste (or right-click and ‘save image as’) ….simples !!